Testimonials - Some thoughts from happy clients

Tom - I cannot thank you enought for your kindness and talent. For a teacher and lecturer, I am actually a man of few words. You came ot us at a sensitive time. In this, thank you Tom for being there and extending us your great telent and care.  You and your work are a great blessing to our family.

Jay Shiner

Assistant coach - The Baltimore Orioles

I cannot adequately express my gratitude for your patience, nudging along, understandin and the diligence you afforded me during this audit. Your effords made my life easier, a quality in this business that is most uncommmon yet extremely welcome and appreciated. Please take great prode in the exceptional person that you are.  Thank you (exponentially...)

Yvonne Pilichowski

John James Futures Group, Inc.

When I started PosterSource I worked with an accountant from one of my network groups I frequented. In addition to costing a ming, when I did met with him, he barely listened to what I had to say. I was eager to learn, and inexperienced in my beginnings and he did not have much concern or patience for these things.

In frustration I asked a close friend / client for some guidance in making the switch, and she introduced me to Tom.

Tom took the time to listen, and took a vested interest in my concerns, questions, and desire to learn. He st with me and my wife ot make sure we understood, and to help us navigate the best approach to managing our business finances.  

Tom has made a huge difference for us from dollars and cents to simple peace of mind.

If you are in need of a great accountant, who is also great people, give Tom a call.

Arthur Fraser


Thomas J. Trumeter, CPA provided one of the most thorough financial statement audits in our company's 27 year history at a very reasonable fee.

Vincent Micciche CEO

LifeMark Securities, Inc.

I have to say your customer service is the best we have ever experienced. Does you company have some sort of survey you can send s?  It CAN be stress free to have your taxes done! :)

Your service is EXCEPTIONAL. We are completely satisfied.

Thank you.

Kelly and Tom

Tom was heavily involved in the financial due diligence and $1million asset sale of my E Commerce company. Tom worked with my other advisors and the buyers and prepared accurate financial statements that faciliated the sale of the company at a fair price. 

Tom also planned the transaction so it resulted in minimal tax impact to the sellers.

Debra Clark CEO

WWWEnterprise, Inc.

Tom arranged or New York State Sales Tax audit in such a way that it was settled at 60% of the actual tax owed, and we did not pay any penalties on the generous settlement.

Business Owner

Rochester, New York

I m taking the knowledge you have accumulated and informing others of this potential tax audit, and I Thank You for passing this on to us.  Please let me know if there is anything you believe St. John's Home can do in the future to assist your elders with future refunds.  

Very truly yours,

Janice White

St. John's Nursing Home

Your quick and honest approach to our Company's audit is a breath of fresh air.  Also, thank you for being responsive and involved with our company during our recent personnel changes.  You have been very responsive to our needs.

Dan Overcash, CEO

Bodell, Overcash, Anderson & Co., Inc.

Thomas J. Trumeter CPA has worked with our firm during the past 7 years. As an attorney and retired partner of PriceWaterhouse Coopers, I have been involved in many businesses, and this is the best that I have understood my Companies' financial statements. I highly recommend Tom and his Firm. He also established a new chart of accounts for multiple companies so that we could understand our income and expenses, and presented them in such a way we could respond to business and financial events. He analyzed our businesses and provided excellent consulting advice in identifying issues we were not aware of.  Tom works with our accounting department and reviews the books and prepares our corporate income taxes for 10 companies.

Joel F. Levy, ESQ. CEO

Benefit and Compensation Consultants, Inc.

Actuarial, Benefit, Compensation, and Human Resource Consultants and Insurance Brokers

I worked closely with Tom for nearly a year, as he supported a business exit for a widowed client.  Tom is a qualtiy professional, has great business acumen, and puts his clients' interests first. You can count on Tom as a trusted professional.

Randy Williams, CPA

Merger, Acquisitions, and Business Development Specialist

WMS Consulting, LLC

Tom: You have done more for us that any account we have had in the past.  The New York State assessment of $30,000 has been eliminated, and without having to file all those back tax returns, Thanks again!

Rob Wasserman, President


Tom Thank you so much for amending my return! I really appreciate your excellent work as well as your flexibility about pricing and payment and your willingness to go the extra mile to get me an even bigger refund.  Thank you for finding me more money!!!

Kristen Kessler

Executive Director


We are so glad we found you. We're happy with your advice and comfortable with the way you prepare our taxes at a reasonable fee.

Ron and Joy Perry

Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

My fiancee is in his last semester of law school and thinks you are doing a great job with my taxes. He said, "Its probably a good thing you left your previous tax accountant because she wasn't as thorough and didn't ask these specific questions"

Sarita Viloria

Honors Teacher

NFL Cheerleader

Tom's firm showed us how to cut our Workers Compensation costs from $22,000 to $5,000 annually, UP FRONT instead of waiting for the end of the year. They also showed us how to prepare the complex invoices required by our contract with the Rochester City School District. When RCSD began receiving the invoices, the checks came in like clockwork.

Debira Camp

Rochester Wholesale Grocers, Inc.

We got a $187,000 County block grant and a $60,000 micro loan with the projections they prepared. Additionally, during our annual review of our financial statements, we quickly identified and segregated our warehouse costs, distribution costs, and product cots, so we could make operational changes to save money

Alphonse Camp


Thanks again, you make it easy for us

Doug Smith